With no events due to coronavirus pandemic, tuxedo shops going through tough times

Many businesses in Arizona are faced with the tough reality of having to let employees go, or close up shop altogether.

That includes one tuxedo shop in the Valley, where business has dried up because so any events have been cancelled as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The racks at Rose Tuxedo are full, ready to be worn for the next big party.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when that will be.

Rosanne Sbrocca. who has owned Rose Tuxedo for 30 years, says this is typically the busiest time of the year.

"February to the end of May," said Sbrocca. "They’re in and out of the parking lot."

While there’s no good time for a pandemic, COVID-19 struck the U.S. during spring tim, which means no weddings and no proms.

"It’s 75% of my business. Proms, students trying to march their vest to a prom dress. Weddings," said Sbrocca.

Sbroccas store remains open with limited hours. She’s had to let go of one employee with reduced business, but says they’ll be ready to go when the country’s comeback is complete.

"Support the restaurants. If they come back, I come back. We’re a community," said Sbrocca.

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