Woman accused of hit and run, after leaving $100 for the victim

It was some scary moments for a bike rider in Glendale, after he was hit by a truck, and then dragged.

The driver of the truck did stop, but the bike rider did not expect what happened next.

The incident unfolded at around 4:00 p.m. Thursday, in the intersection of 51st Avenue and Sweetwater. The man, Matthew Ybarra, said he was riding his bike when a woman making a right turn hit him.

"He didn't say much, he just said I was hit by a car," said Matthew's wife, Adriana. She got a call from her husband, letting her know of the incident.

Matthew said he was riding his bike, on his way home from work, when he said he was hit by an elderly woman driving a truck.

"I made sure I waited a little bit to see if she was going to turn, and then she didn't make the turn. so I said I'm going to go because I have the right of way," said Matthew. "As soon as I decided to do that, I got in the middle and she just gassed it."

Matthew said he was drug by the truck, and had to bang on the hood for the woman to stop. He says she stopped, got out, asked if he was OK, gave him $100 to buy a new bike, and then took off.

"Her front chrome bumper should have damage, because my pedals were underneath it," said Matthew.

Matthew walked home, and then went to the hospital. Now Matthew, along with his wife and mother, are hoping the driver will come forward.

"You know you did wrong, or you wouldn't have offered him the money to just go," said Matthew's mother, Elaine Rubio. "It's just not right. It's accountability. She needs to be held accountable."

"This is my husband. This is my son's father. He's worth more than $100," said Adriana. "It's not ok to leave someone like that."

Matthew said he has a mild concussion, and still feels a little foggy. In addition, Matthew also has scrapes and bruises, and has contacted the police to file a report.

Matthew describes the truck as a gold, four-door extended cab, possibly a Chevrolet. He is asking anyone who saw anything to call police.