Woman prints lotto ticket by accident; turns out to be winner - again

A Nebraska woman who won her second big lottery jackpot prize in five years can thank mistakenly printed tickets for her wins.

Lori Sailors of Lincoln won $220,000 from the Nebraska Lottery's Nebraska Pick 5 game June 22, according to a release from the Nebraska Lottery.

Sailors bought her ticket at Casey's General Store in Lincoln and bought three quick plays for the drawing, the Nebraska Lottery said.


But the ticket printed at the time was actually by mistake, she told the Nebraska Lottery. Still, she purchased it. 

"I don’t let the mistakes go," she told the Nebraska Lottery. "I don’t just let them sit there."

Lori Sailors won the lottery for the second time, and both times her tickets were printed by mistake. (Nebraska Lottery)

One of the plays on the ticket matched all five of the "Nebraska Pick 5" numbers, winning her the jackpot.

And while this story would be unbelievable enough as it is, it is actually not the first time Sailors has won a huge lottery prize from a mistaken ticket.


In 2019, she won a $54,000 "Nebraska Pick 5" jackpot from a ticket that was also printed by mistake, the Nebraska Lottery said.

Sailors told the Nebraska Lottery she and husband Monte intend to use her winnings to pay off their daughter's student loans and put the rest in the bank. 

"Nebraska Pick 5 is Nebraska’s unique Lottery game: all the proceeds from Nebraska Pick 5 stay in Nebraska, and all the winning tickets are sold in Nebraska at Nebraska Lottery Lotto game retailers," the Nebraska Lottery's website said.

Each play costs $1. A player picks five numbers between one and 40, or a computer can automatically pick the numbers. 

The jackpots for each game start at $50,000 and increase by $10,000 each time there is no winner. The current jackpot is $180,000. 

The Nebraska Pick 5 numbers are drawn seven days a week. 

The chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 658,008, according to the lottery, and the chance of winning any prize is 1 in 9.2.

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