Woman's death while hiking Echo Canyon highlights hot weather dangers

Camelback Mountain is a popular place for locals and visitors. But it can also be very dangerous, especially during the summer.

The victim has been identified as 48-year-old Ravinder Takhar who was visiting from the United Kingdom. She had made it to the top of the mountain with her family, but on the way back down, she decided to take a break and let the rest of her family go ahead and never made it back.

"People that are not familiar with our heat are not used to it, really don't understand how quickly this problem can happen," said Dr. John Gallagher with Phoenix Fire.

Dr. Gallagher says a lack of water always leads to problems, the hikers yesterday only had small bottles.

"This is the amount of water you need to go up, and then you have to come down; you need another bottle this big to come down," he said.

That lesson learned the hard way for some of the hikers FOX 10 saw.

"My cousin said you have to go on the hike if you're in Arizona go to the top and see the view," said Calvin Kwan.

Kwan is visiting from Canada and reached the summit, but on the way down he had to ask other hikers for help.

"I was like I really need some water, I actually saw someone on the way down, it was about halfway and I said do you have any water I could just borrow," said Kwan.

The couple from Atlanta, one of them recovering from back surgery, was happy to help.

"He looked like he wasn't going to make it down, he actually asked if we had some spare water and we gave it to him," said Brian Allain.

"We decided we would do what I could handle, and then turn around and drink lots of water," said Beth Allain.