YCSO believes reports of loud, explosion-like sound stem from meteor; man claims to have video

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office is responding to reports from residents about hearing a loud, explosion-like sound across Northern Arizona on Sunday morning. 

YCSO says dispatchers received several calls from all over the county around 7:20 a.m. Sunday regarding a loud explosion. 

After looking into the reports, officials say they believe there was "some type of meteor event, as witnessed by numerous residents in the area."

YCSO says they have not received any further official explanations, but are continuing to investigate.

Meanwhile, a man named Robert Ward claims his cameras captured the meteor.

"We shot this in 4K, and it was the first time we really done that on the system," said Ward, a planetary science field researcher. "Like, this is just a dream come true."

While the video doesn’t provide sound, Ward and his wife, Anne Marie, instantly knew what it was.

"We go outside and on the balcony, and we just see the white train, knowing that that meteorite just flashed across the sky, and we were seeing what was left of the break up," said Anne Marie.