ZOOKZ offering $2K to new employees as it struggles with filling jobs

ZOOKZ is making sandwiches, but not only that, they're making an enticing offer for potential new employees in the Phoenix area.

The company is offering a $2,000 bonus, wages above the minimum, and benefits to lure prospects to work in the kitchen.

"Offering an incentive like $2,000 is very hard for us as a small business, but we are committed to getting the right person, and we understand we need to provide incentives to motivate people to come in and see what we're about," said Elizabeth Van Wie with ZOOKZ. She says restaurants have had to be more creative and competitive when it comes to hiring.

Some owners have gone so far as to poach other restaurants’ employees, luring them away with more dollars. We will not poach from another restaurant. We've not experienced that personally," Elizabeth Van Wie said.

Employee and current student, Jazmin Valdovinos, has been working at ZOOKZ for three years and says she's trying to get friends to apply.

"It's a really great job. It's a good location, I get paid well and the people here are really friendly. I don't understand why we can't find other people," Valdovinos said.

A sign outside one of its locations says along with the bonus, that they're looking for part and full-time employees who won't need to work nights.

For more information about Zookz jobs, visit this link https://www.zookzsandwiches.com/

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