64-year-old ASU racquetball star beats players in their 20s; earns All-American honors

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- If you've ever played racquetball, you know it's a pretty demanding physical sport, but one Valley woman is taking her game to the next level. She's beating star racquetball players who are more than 40 years younger than her.

It's definitely something you don't see every day, but it can be an inspiration to everyone at home.

"n my mind, I think I'm 27. My body doesn't really say that, especially after the aches and pains of a racquetball tournament," said Susan Hendricks.

Despite all of those aches and pains, Hendricks is going against all odds as a 64-year-old racquetball player at Arizona State University. A couple of years ago, she had an epiphany to go back to school.

"I said, gosh, maybe I can end up on the team and joined last year."

Hendricks has been a competitive racquetball player since her early 20s, but going up against these young students was a little nerve-wracking -- they're faster and much younger.

"It's more what we do on the court together.. racquetball is like sports or music.. it brings people together, no matter what your age is."

"Anyone who is able to step in and bring valuable competition to the team is always welcome. This one just happened to be 64 years old," said Darrin Schenck, ASU's head racquetball coach.

Last weekend at the National Collegiate Racquetball Championship, she won a silver medal, beating two opponents from Texas and Oregon.

"This is a very unique title to be a collegiate All-American, in general, is a very high designation, but to be the oldest one ever is something I was very happy to see her accomplish," said Schenck.

It's an awesome feeling. It feels like you get through those barriers that you think you can't win or there's no way you're going to get through all this," said Hendricks. "And then when you do, it's exhilarating."

A tip that Hendricks has for people out there is "let go of the things that limit you, especially age." Very inspiring to say the least.