Local English pub packed with fans for USA vs. England Women's World Cup game

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- On Tuesday, the U.S. Women's World Cup Team defeated England, 2-1, and secured a spot in the finals

It was an exciting game from the get-go, especially for people who happened to have the day off, and went to watch it with a room full of soccer football fans.

George and Dragon is like two worlds in one: a slice of England in the middle of Phoenix.

"George is always the place to come for the game," said Bill Green. "I came last year for the men's World Cup."

It was a packed house, and all eyes were glued to the game. There were pints of beer, and Fish-N-Chips on the table. Even for those too little to drink, it was still big fun.

"I like the sport because it's really interesting and everyone is excited about it. It's a really great sport and it's fun to play too," said Lexi Davies.

America's women's team is the class of world competition, but the European's teams are catching up fast. England, meanwhile, is no pushover, and for the British bloke who owns this pub, picking a favorite team is kind of tricky.

"If England win, I don't get the crowd that I do if USA wins, so when England scores, I'll go yes, and then I go oh heck, I wish they hadn't! In my heart, I want England to win, but financially, I have no problem if America wins," said David Wimberley.

A Team USA win means more business for George and Dragon, and more excitement for fans.

"I guess Soccer is becoming bigger, and the men weren't in the World Cup, so we got to go for the women," said Ally Olson.

"I love it now," said Lexi. "In the beginning, I was, like, fall asleep on the couch, but now I love it."