Phoenix Suns, Helios Foundation grant high school student full scholarship to NAU

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- What started out as a normal Tuesday for Franklin Police and Fire High School senior Carlos Yepiz, was quickly flipped upside down after he was called into the Principal's office.

"I thought I was in trouble. I was waiting for my mom to get here. She was calling me, but I can't answer the phone because that's against the rules," said Carlos.

Little did he know, his fellow classmates and his teachers invited some special guests to celebrate the moment for him and his family.

"We're granting Carlos a four-year full tuition scholarship to NAU," said Phoenix Suns' President, Jason Rowley.

Rowley, along with the Suns Gorilla, handed Carlos the check.

Carlos is planning on studying to become a surgeon at Northern Arizona University. He works nights at UPS to help his mother make ends meet and still manages to keep his grades up as he gets ready to graduate.

"For one, I know I'm going to be financially well set and for me I can make a generation for my life and my future kids better," he said.

"He's my only son, he's my best friend, he's my partner. We've been in it thick and thin. And I'm just so proud of him," said Angela Lopez.

Phoenix Suns Charities and the Helios Education Foundation gave Carlos this gift. This marks the third straight year the organization has awarded a scholarship to an Arizona high school student.

"To have young people here in this community, who want to further themselves and they want to come back and have an impact long term I think is something that anybody would want to get behind," said Rowley.

So how will Carlos and his mother celebrate this achievement?

Angela said, "We could go to IHOP. That's his favorite restaurant." But Carlos says "I can't celebrate today because I gotta go to work."