Latest: UAW strike expands to Chicago, Michigan

UAW President Shawn Fain called on 7,000 Ford and General Motors union members to join the strike Friday. Workers at Ford Chicago Assembly Plant and GM Lansing Delta Assembly will walk to the picket line at noon.

UAW strike to get a lot bigger

The ongoing auto worker strike is about to get bigger. The United Auto Workers union says it will announce on Friday how it plans to expand its strike against Detroit's three automakers. The union went on strike on Sept. 14 when it couldn't reach agreements on new contracts with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

President Biden joins UAW picket lines

President Biden hit the picket line in Michigan on Sept. 26 with thousands of United Auto Workers asking for better pay and benefits. The UAW says this is the first time a sitting President has walked with a union. Workers are striking at more than 40 plants across the country. FOX’s Mills Hayes reports from Plymouth, Minnesota.

Amazon investing billions in AI startup Anthropic

Big Tech companies are pouring money into AI as they race to capitalize on the opportunities that a new generation of the technology is set to bring. Amazon is the latest with a massive investment.