Arizona woman with Red Cross headed to Harvey cleanup; still need volunteers

As all eyes are on Hurricane Irma, cleanup in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is just getting started.

The American Red Cross has sent thousands of volunteers to lend a hand, and a valley woman deployed this morning to join in on the efforts.

This is Debbie McRae's first deployment with the Red Cross.

No disaster is ever easy, but to see the path of destruction left by Hurricane Harvey is pretty heavy for a first assignment.

McRae's heading to Beaumonte well prepared. She's gone through intense training for disaster relief. During her stay, she'll assess and document damage.

It's hard to fathom the amount of water still left behind.

McRae will also join others from different Red Cross chapters all with the same goal -- to slowly but surely help bring back a sense of normalcy.

The Greater Phoenix Chapter of the Red Cross is looking for more volunteers, and it's going to hold a boot camp for new recruits.