Local fire department collecting items for crews battling Mountain Fire

CAREFREE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - More than 240 firefighters are battling Mountain Fire, about eight miles east of Cave Creek. They've been working around the clock to control these flames - it's now 50 percent contained. One local fire department in Carefree heard there were folks who were going up to the road closures to try and drop supplies off for the firefighters, and it gave them the idea to make sure they were fully stocked up on supplies.

When it comes to battling wildfires, it's easy for members of the public to feel helpless, watching crews work tirelessly to extinguish what looks like an overwhelming sea of flames. Several members of the community stepped up - providing the Rural Metro Fire Department with a slew of donations on Sunday.

Items like bottled water, energy bars, Gatorade - all these donations will be taken to the crews battling the flames. Shawn Gilleland with Rural Metro says they're grateful for this kind gesture.

"They could spend a lot of time out there and obviously, with temperatures like we have right now in the hundreds, it's going to be challenging," Gilleland said. "SO they feel for those guys and want to do what they can to support them as well."

Gilleland says they've received enough snacks and water bottles for all fire crews for now, but it's really the thought behind wanting to help that's really appreciated. Just knowing they're supported by the community means everything.

"Anytime we can get that stuff, it just really solidifies that what they're doing here is important and that people really appreciate it," Gilleland said.