1,600 fireworks shot off to celebrate July 4th in Mesa

The Fourth of July fireworks show at Fiesta Mall in Mesa celebrated America's independence after a year of planning for 1,600 fireworks to be shot off.

The event took place just a day before the actual holiday.

Kendon Victor, a fireworks production specialist with Fireworks Productions of Arizona, says putting together a show of this caliber takes lots of time and effort.

"I mean … we are planning for this as soon as the one year is over, so a lot of time energy, how to put on the best show possible," he explains.

He says getting racks of fireworks set up is one of the first steps for a show, and oftentimes in the Valley's heat of July, they also require breaks to cool down.

There are several different kinds of fireworks to shoot off, such as various shapes and colors.

Keeping with the tradition that started last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the show was a drive-through and tailgate-style event while still giving visitors the chance to enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

Kevin Koziol, vice president of Entertainment Solutions, says, "With all the things we’ve been through, people getting out, getting back to some normalcy celebrating the USA."

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Fireworks rules and safety

With fireworks come warnings of risk when it comes to fires, especially in the dry desert.

Manny Rivera with Phanton Fireworks says those shooting fireworks off over the holiday weekend need to practice caution.

"Everything that we sell is legal, safe and sane fireworks. They don't spray up, they don't shoot up. We stress safety a lot with our customers to make sure that they are lighting the right fireworks here in Arizona," he explains, saying he wants to avoid accidents and fire.

In the city of Phoenix, fireworks can only be sold in July, until the 6th.

Rivera says to stay safe, make sure to always have water around when lighting up and to only ignite fireworks sold at tents.