2 Arizona cases remain on FBI's 10 most wanted list

Their alleged crimes stunned the valley and the country, earning them spots on the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

It has been 15 years since Robert Fisher was accused of killing his family and 11 since Jason Brown became the prime suspect in the murder of an armored car driver.

Two of the most notorious accused killers in Arizona -- both sitting on the FBI's most wanted list: Jason Brown, the Scottsdale party boy accused of killing an armored car driver and Robert Fisher, believed to have murdered his family in their Scottsdale home back on April 10, 2001 -- FOX 10 was there as the family's home burned.

Inside the home, investigators found Fisher's wife and two children -- they had been killed before the fire -- their throats were slit.

"That is something that is mindboggling. As any parent could never understand," said Special Agent Robert Caldwell.

Caldwell is the lead agent on the Fisher case.

"We believe from the information at the time was that Mary was getting ready to divorce Robert. Rather than him letting his kids be raised by somebody else if he got divorced, he wanted to start clean slate."

As the news settled in back in 2001, people who knew Robert Fisher described him as a man who loved the outdoors, with strong survival skills, but who had a dark, controlling side.

"Total control freak. Very odd behavior. He stands upright because he has an injured lower back, over time he is likely walking with a limp. Loves to hunt and fish, loves the outdoors, loves guns," said Caldwell.

"I don't see how he could live with himself if it turns out he did this. I don't know how he could live with himself," said a co-worker of Mary Fisher not long after the murders.

The FBI and Scottsdale Police have been on Fisher's trail ever since.

"He is probably living in the area of the U.S. or even Canada where he can fish, he can hunt, he can kind of keep a low profile because he has done it successfully for so long now," said Scottsdale Police Sgt. Hugh Lockerby.

The FBI has released age progression photos of Fisher and investigators say they are still following up on tips.

"There is always another one coming in. You always have to remain optimistic. The next tip that we get or phone call we receive might be that one," said Scottsdale Police Det. John Heinzelman.

While Robert fisher may be somewhat of a recluse, Jason Brown is the opposite.

"He led a lifestyle like a $30k millionare. He had no money, but he acted like he was a millionaire," said the FBI's Special Agent Lance Leising.

Born in wealthy Orange County outside of Los Angeles, Brown appeared to live a privileged life, but as he got older, he ran into trouble.

"Everything in his background was fraud or thefts. He wasn't a violent person in his criminal history," said Leising.

When he came to the valley, he lived with friends and acquaintances and on November 29, 2004, police responded to the AMC movie theaters in Ahwatukee.

911 call: "There has just been a shooting.. an officer has just been shot to death."

Leising was called to the scene that day and is still working the case.

"When we got the scene, it was obvious this was an assassination," he said.

Armored car driver Robert Keith Palomares was shot five times in front of stunned witnesses.

911 call: "Look, the officer is still moving.. we need an ambulance here fast."

Brown took off on a bike, then jumped in a BMW he had parked nearby. He only got away with about $50,000.

"In his mind, I think he believed it was get rich money. It was greed. Greed dominated his mindset at the time," said Leising.

Since that day, Brown has never been seen. His car was found at the airport in Portland, Oregon, but no sign of the smooth talking suspect.

"He always bragged that if anyting happened to him, he would be gone. That nobody would ever hear from him and he would be a ghost and that is kind of what he turned out to be," said Leising. "He has a lot of interesting backgrounds. Speaks fluent French. Masters education in international business.. he can fit in."

The FBI fears he is likely out of the country. They've created age progression photos of him as well. They also say tips keep coming in.

"As an investigator, you have got to be optimistic. You have got to keep an open mind. Is there a chance Jason is dead? Yes. We are covering those bases and leads also, but I cannot believe that. So he is going to stay on that top 10 list until we find him or find his remains," explained Leising.

Jason Brown and Robert Fisher, now longtime members of the FBI's 10 most wanted list -- will they slip up? If they do, investigators are waiting.

The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for Fisher's capture and $200,000 reward for Brown.