2016 election voting ballot do's and don'ts

Early ballots are rolling in here in Arizona.

The Maricopa County Recorder's Office has received more than 368,000 early ballots by mail and more than 6,000 over the counter. Over two million early ballots were mailed out across the state last week.

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea who you're voting for on election day, but there are some questions when it comes to your ballot:

Is it okay to take a photo of your ballot and post it on social media?

Do you have to fill out all of the races?

What about the type of pen you use?

There are actually many do's and don'ts that many people wouldn't even think about. Take for instance, what pen you can use. It's preferred to use black ink, but blue ink is OK, however no other colors should be used. Also, you should never use a Sharpie.

With just a little over two weeks from the election, many people will be heading to the polls on November 8, while others will be filling out their early ballot.

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell says when filling out your ballot, don't use a Sharpie and only mark one solid line for the candidate of your choice.

"It's okay to use a felt tip pen, a ball point pen, just don't move too heavy. Please don't use a Sharpie because a Sharpie will bleed through to the back or front whichever side you're doing and that could have you vote for something that you had no intention to vote for in that way, it could make you overvote."

With the election, so many people are so excited to get out and vote, they want to show their friends and family that they're here at the polls and even who they're voting for. In some states, you're not allowed to take any photos or any type of selfies and post those on social media, but right here in Arizona, you are allowed, but there are some restrictions.

"Cameras are not allowed, but you can take a selfie, that was changed just recently. You can take a selfie of you and your own ballot, but not of anyone else in the polling place, nothing else in the polling place," said Purcell.

If there's a race you're not interested in, or don't have anyone you'd like to vote for, you don't have to.

"We've had some people that have sent in a blank ballot. It still goes through our machine, it doesn't show any votes, but it will show whatever you voted for and will count that," said Purcell.

In terms of sample ballots, those will be mailed out 11 days before the election. This will tell you exactly which polling place you are allowed to vote at. You can't go anywhere besides the location posted on that sample ballot. Also, when you head out to the polls, you're not going to want to forget your driver's license.

Check your early ballot status: http://bit.ly/azvotecheck