9-year-old travels nationwide to thank police officers

It's no secret that police officers like donuts, but when they're handed out by an almost-10-year-old as a thank you, they taste just that much sweeter.

For his 10th birthday, Tyler Carach is visiting 10 law enforcement agencies in 10 states and over 10 days, and the reason, like a donut, is simple and sweet.

"Because I want to thank them," Tyler said. "They risk their lives for total strangers."

Tyler's already stopped in Albuquerque and Houston, and after Phoenix, he's onto his fourth city, but this all started back in August.

"Me and my mom... with my own money," Tyler said.

Twenty-five thousand donuts later, Tyler and his mom say this is a trip to remember for a reason they'll never forget.

"We started in Houston, Texas, end at the Mall of America" Sheena Carach said.

Tyler's grandma even made a cape that reads, "I donut a reason to thank cops." Tyler says he wants to be a K-9 officer when he grows up, and that's perfectly fine by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

"It makes us all feel special," Mario Gonzalez said. "I think he'd be a great K-9 police officer."