911 call released in Scottsdale break-in

The 9-1-1 call is being released from a home break-in that occurred Monday morning.

Inside was a 12-year-old boy who called authorities.

911 Operator: "Hello this is 9-1-1."
Caller: "There's two strange men, I don't know them, they're trying to open the door."

The boy was home alone as two men tried to break into his Scottsdale home.

911 Operator: "Are they trying to kick in the door, or just trying to get the door open?"
Caller: "I don't know, I think they might be inside."
911 Operator: "Where are you at?"
Caller: "I'm in the closet."
911 Operator: "Do you hear them in the house?"
Caller: "Yes."
911 Operator: "Where do you hear them?"
Caller: "I feel they caught me."
911 Operator: "Ok, don't worry, we have officers on the way."

The dispatcher tried to calm the boy down while officers rushed to the house. When suddenly the suspects opened the closet door and found the boy hiding. Suddenly the suspects opened the closet door and found the boy hiding.

Caller: "Please don't hurt me."
911 Operator: "Did they open the door?"
Caller: "Yes, they're running, they're running!"
911 Operator: "They opened the door and saw you?"
Caller: "Yes, they saw me, what do I do?"
911 Operator: "Ok, just stay on the phone with me, the officers see him, do not hang up. You stay on the phone with me ok?"
Caller: "Ok."

Police caught both suspects as they ran out of the house, both are now facing several felony charges.