911 calls surrounding deadly crash released

For the first time, people are hearing the 911 calls that were made, in the minutes following a crash that left a motorcyclist dead.

According to investigators, the driver was drunk and speeding, and the calls detail just how devastating that crash was.

The 911 calls reveal a chaotic scene that unfolded back in August, after a driver slammed into a stopped motorcyclist. Witnesses were reportedly trying to save the motorcycle rider's life, moments after the crash.

According to police, Valley attorney Tracey Shelden Morehouse, 46, was in a Red Tesla car at the time. Investigators said she was drunk and drove the wrong way, hitting another car and taking off just before the deadly crash. The man Morehouse hit, according to reports, was45-year-old Greg Dolphine, who was stopped at the intersection at the time.

FOX 10's Marc Martinez reports.