ADOT workers try to keep cool during extreme Valley heat

Arizona Department of Transportation workers are taking precautions with extra septs to ensure workers stay safe in the heat.

Shaded breaks, water stations, cooling towels, and other ways to stay cool are the only way ADOT workers can stand the desert heat.

While most people avoid being outside in triple digits, many times that's not an option for ADOT workers. That's why the department is taking steps to make sure their employees are being extra careful while working on things like the South Mountain freeway project.

Crews are encouraged to use the cooling tent, drink a lot of water, and look our for each other.

"Our workers are trained to beat the heat and one of the ways they do that is they stay hydrated throughout the day," said Dustin Krugel of ADOT. "They look for opportunities where they can get under some shade and take as many breaks as possible, sometimes in an air-conditioned vehicle."

ADOT says they also try to schedule the workers earlier or later in the day to avoid having their crews work at peak sun hours.