After the storm, man helps Show Low dig out of snow

SHOW LOW, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- As a reported 24 inches of snow fell in the Show Low area due to Thursday's winter storm, there is now a mess left over. As snow could very well continue to fall in the area, it means snow removal efforts by plow operators are just beginning.

"It's a living in the winter time," said Donald Grinnell. To some, he's an unsung hero. Grinnel, however, has a more modest name for himself.

"Snowplow guy," Grinnell said.

For a little more than a decade, Grinnell has been plowing snow. He moved to the High Country from Kansas, and says the storm on Thursday is unique for Arizona.

"This is a Kansas storm," said Grinnell. "We usually get four, eight inches, and then the sun's out the next morning and we're on our way. But this one just started snowing and didn't stop."

And it may not stop just yet.

"This makes up for the last three years when we haven't got any snow," said Grinnell.

Grinnell hasn't slept much since Thursday, as he drove through all of Show Low, plowing pounds and pounds of snow in parking lots and driveways.

"You know, you gotta keep yourself moving or you lose work, and the people that need to get out don't get out," said Grinnell, who predicts a long weekend of cleaning up what Mother Nature leaves behind.

"Oh yeah," said Grinnell. "Far from over."

Grinnell is all over the area. He plows not just in Show Low, but in Lakeside and Pinetop as well.