Arizona Governor 'hopeful' for students to return to school in fall

School back in session? That’s a long-term hope according to the Arizona's Governor, according to a press conference on May 20.

“All the evidence that we’ve seen over the last four or five weeks says that’s it’s responsible and prudent to plan ahead for schools,” Gov. Doug Ducey said.

He and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman had agreed to close schools back in March and keep them closed for the remainder of the school year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re working with the education community, school leaders, on a plan to safely resume in the fall," Ducey remarked.

There’s also the possibility that kids, and their parents, could get some sort of summer camp. “Our goal is we want to open up camps, youth activities, so we’re planning ahead," Ducey said.

As high school seniors continue with virtual graduations, the idea of returning in the fall is still months away. Arizona Education Association President Joe Thomas said he’d like to see a return to the classroom with an emphasis on safety.

“We all understand the health and safety of our students and staff come first, we have to be able to look our parents in the eye and say our kids are going to be safe, look at colleagues in the eye and say they’re going to be safe," Thomas said.

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He also urged caution for people thinking that all districts can follow the same path. He sees a locally developed approach as the better option.

"There’s a lot of discussions going on and we believe parents and educators should be part of those discussions with administrators," Thomas said.

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