Gov. Ducey taps federal cash to boost unemployment fund

The move by the Republican governor is designed to prevent insurance premiums paid by businesses from soaring. And it came on the same week that an extra $300 per week in pay for unemployed workers will stop under a Ducey order designed to force people to return to work.

Gov. Ducey rescinds raft of COVID-19 executive orders

The Republican governor said some of the orders would remain in place until legislation takes effect in 90 days -- including those preventing cities, towns and counties from issuing orders for businesses that are more stringent than those Ducey issues.

Vetoed Arizona sex education bill heading back to governor

The Republican-controlled Legislature sent a contentious sex education bill that was previously vetoed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey back to his desk after it was stripped of language he objected to that would have prevented young children from being taught how to avoid or report sexual abuse.

Gov. Ducey visits Nogales for grand opening of cooler facility

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is visiting Nogales on Wednesday for the grand opening of a 60,000 square foot cooler facility. Ducey said he wants to highlight the state's trade partnership with Mexico. He is also scheduled to participate in a roundtable discussion on the economy.