Arizona Humane Society in need of foster heroes

Not all heroes wear capes, but at the Arizona Humane Society, many do wear sanitary smocks and gloves.

It's a look found every day in the bottle baby intensive care unit where kittens sometimes just days old get extra-special care.

"Some of our youngest felines, they need to be fed every 24 hours," Kelsey Dickerson said. "You have to weigh them before and after, as well as stimulate after and just making sure you give them lots of loves and cuddles."

Just ask Sierra Heath, a student who drives 100 miles round-trip every week to volunteer for AHS.

"I'm going into a vet tech program, so it's setting me up, not only for my future, but giving back to my community, and I can't imagine a better place to spend 10 hours out of my week," she said.

But if you want to help out closer to home, what better way than becoming a foster hero?!

"Everyone always thinks about helping through volunteering or adoptions, which are so very important, but a vital component to our life-saving work is actually our 'Foster Heroes' program," Dickerson said.

With their food and medicine covered by the humane society, the only tough choice you'll have to make is picking which little one to bring home with you!

"If this isn't quite for you, that's OK, we have dogs, we have cats, we have puppies that are in need of 'Foster Heroes,'" Dickerson said. "That can range from anything from a broken leg that might need mending for a few months or maybe a puppy or a kitty that has a cold."