Arizona man killed during Pearl Harbor attack finally laid to rest

An Arizona man killed at Pearl Harbor was laid to rest on Jan. 15, after his remains were finally identified in 2020, nearly 80 years later after the Japanese attack on Hawaii.

Carl Johnson, who left North High School early to join the Navy at the age of 16, was killed during the first few hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

As his remains were laid to rest in Arizona, the Pomp and Circumstance was present and accounted for. Members of the Navy, the Patriot Riders, family, and even a 97-year-old friend were present to honor the Navy seaman.

"To have this actually come to pass, thanks to the efforts of the Navy and the efforts of so many others, is a dream come true. Something that was virtually unbelievable," said Johnson's nephew, Dr. Carl Dahl.

Johnson was on the USS West Virginia when he was killed during the Pearl Harbor attack

"I’m so grateful he’s home, and that I had a chance to say goodbye to him," said friend Ronnie Luplow.

The simple and respectful ceremony on Jan. 15 was long overdue, and there were a few laughs, as well as a few tears.

"The feelings are all over the map," said Dr. Dahl. "Elation, gratitude, humility."

Johnson had plans to return to Phoenix to open a business with a buddy. He wrote to his parents that he would tell them about it when he got home. The dreams never came true because of the war, but now, Johnson is buried next to his mother and father.

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