Arizona power soccer team heads to nationals

The Phoenix Rising power soccer team will be leaving in one week for nationals in Indiana.

Tonight, we got to watch their final practice before the big event.

It's a sport that hits on speed, agility and coordination.

"It's one of the few team sports specifically built for people who are in power wheelchairs," said coach Tony Jackson.

Jackson leads his athletes through a grueling practice – the last before the big tournament.

"It’s pretty amazing to fly across the U.S. and play in a national tournament and play against a whole lot of teams, and strive for the top," center John Beaubien said.

Next week, the athletes will go to Fort Wayne, Indiana with the goal to be promoted to a new division.

"All these athletes have been working really hard week in and week out, season long to win that championship," Jackson said.

"We're learning a few new tricks this year, so we're hoping to bring those out to nationals," Beaubien said.

Beaubien has muscular dystrophy and says this team, this game means a lot.

"As soon as I got into the chair, and was serving around on the court, I was like… this is it. I love this sport," he said.

Because this incredible sport is so much more than just a game.

"Just being able to whip around like nothing is incredible. It’s an incredible feeling," Beaubien said.