Arson suspect accused of firing at Forest Service employee spotted on Apache Reservation

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UPDATE: The arson suspect who is also accused of opening fire on a Forest Service employee earlier this week was again spotted twice on Sunday by two different residents.

One spotting was in someone's backyard, and the other spotting was at a grocery store deli in the Cibecue area.

The suspect is reportedly hungry and looking for food, and a witness noted he spoke poor English.

At the moment, Cibecue residents are being stopped and questioned, and cars are being searched.

The first sign of the suspect was on Saturday in the area of Highway 60 and Cibecue Road on the Apache reservation on Saturday.

The multi-agency team investigating the July 4 shooting in Forest Lakes confirmed he was dropped off by a vehicle.

He was wearing the same clothes as shown in the photos, a blue short sleeve shirt with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. He was carrying three bags.

Investigators learns he mentioned he was heading to Mexico.

As a reminder to the public, the suspect is considered armed and dangerous with a handgun and shotgun.

Do not approach him, and contact law enforcement immediately. If you have any information, contact the White Mountain Apache Tribe at (928) 338-4942.

A manhunt is underway for an arson suspect who is also accused of opening fire on a Forest Service employee Tuesday.

The incident happened in the morning, in the Forest Lakes area, about 130 miles northeast of Downtown Phoenix. Crews were evacuated from the Canyon Point Campground, located just off Highway 260, as a search for the suspect got underway.

The Forest Service who was shot at was reportedly not injured.

Authorities believe the shooting suspect also started eight fires intentionally on Monday, on the south side of Highway 260 in Forest Lakes.

The suspect is described as a man with dark complexion, and may be Hispanic. According to a flyer released by the Coconino County Sheriff's Office, the man is believed to be armed with a handgun and shotgun, and was wearing dark blue pants, light blue T-shirt, white long sleeve undershirt, and may be carrying a camouflaged backpack.

Fire officials in Forest Lake said the man has been staying in the forest, and would go into the Canyon Point Campground for water, as well as nearby stores for food.

According to a statement released Tuesday night, the Coconino County Sheriff's Office is actively looking for the suspect, with other agencies assisting including the Department of Public Safety (DPS) SWAT Team and Air Ranger, FBI's SWAT team, Gila County Sheriff's Office, Forest Service fire and law enforcement personnel, Forest Lakes Fire Department, Arizona Game and Fish, White Mountain Apache Police Department, and the Navajo County Sheriff's Office.

Anyone with information should alert local authorities. The suspect, according to the Coconino County Sheriff's Office, is considered armed and dangerous, and people are asked to not approach the suspect.