Attempted robbery at Chinese restaurant foiled due to language barrier, police say

(FOX News) -- A Vermont man who attempted to rob a Chinese restaurant left empty-handed when an employee he approached could not understand his note or the demands for money he made in English.

Fair Haven Police said two brothers who own China City restaurant - Rong Zhang and Vincent Zhang - reported a man had gone to the eatery and tried to rob their mother, Yun Wu, while she was closing for the night, the Rutland Herald reported.

Translating for their mother, who does not speak English, the brothers said the man entered the restaurant around 10:45 p.m. Saturday night. He was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and covering his face with a black-and-white scarf.

"She stated that the man was talking, but she did not understand what he was saying other than the word 'cash,'" police wrote in an affidavit.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Tyler Edwards, reportedly held his hand like a gun and threw a note on the counter; however, Yun cannot read English, police said. She kept asking the man to leave. Eventually, the man ran out of the restaurant with nothing.