Body camera footage shows base jumper being rescued off Superstition Mountains

A newly released video from the Arizona Department of Public Safety shows the moments an avid base jumper was rescued from hanging on a cliff.

Superstition Fire/Medical District officials tweeted the base jumper got stuck on a “sheer face” of the Superstition Mountains Sunday morning.

The man dangling is Scott Frankson, who at this time wasn't ready to speak to FOX 10 on camera.

In the body camera footage, his parachute is wedged between rocks.

Rescuers with Superstition Fire and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office acted quickly to save Frankson. They used a 267-foot hoist extraction to reach him. 

In the video, the trooper is seen slowly lowering himself then strapping in the jumper, and cutting him free from his parachute.

The trooper and jumper were then flown by an Arizona DPS helicopter to the top of the Superstitions where they were released.

The Superstitions, a popular attraction for hikers, is about 40 miles (64 kilometers) east of downtown Phoenix.