Body camera video shows Phoenix Police sergeant saving 2 children

A Phoenix Police sergeant is credited with quick action to help save the lives of two different children within the span of a few days.

According to officials, Sgt. Courtney Fink was driving past a home for an unrelated call when she saw a frantic family with a baby. They told her he quit breathing during feeding, and Sgt. Fink took quick action, giving the baby rubs to the sternum, as well as rolling him back and forth.

While Sgt. Fink does not have a medical background, she is a mother.

"The scariest thing you can deal with is a baby that's not breathing," said Sgt. Fink.

A few days later, a similar situation happened with a different family. This time, a toddler was having a seizure at a Phoenix department store. Sgt. Fink recalled what to do, after being a 911 operator.

"Taking the diaper off and cooling the core and the armpits and body, feet and neck," said Sgt. Fink.

Sgt. Fink's quick thinking helped bring the toddlers temperature down, until medics took over. For the sergeant, it was just another day on the job.

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