Burglars hit North Phoenix neighborhood

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A North Phoenix community is on edge, following a string of car burglaries.

According to Phoenix Police, they have received reports of at least 20 car burglaries in the area recently, and investigators say at least one of the suspects was caught on surveillance video. Officials say there are two suspects in these burglary cases, and the suspects have been targeting the Desert Ridge and Tramonto neighborhoods in North Phoenix.

On Monday, a woman who was victimized spoke with FOX 10's Jennifer Auh. Liz Roth said she found her car door and trunk left open, with items scattered all over the car seat. Roth said she did leave her car unlocked.

"We usually don't have to worry about this kind of break-ins, but it does happen, and I can understand over the holidays, it happening more frequently," said Roth. "It's your personal stuff, someone is reading through it, you wake up and feel like you've been violated."

Meanwhile, neighbors in the area are suggesting everyone to bring expensive items of Christmas gifts into their homes. People are also advised to lock their car doors.