'Caribou' helps parents get back to work and find affordable, personalized childcare

A new company was launched in the Phoenix area to help with childcare challenges parents face when heading back to work.

The web-based app Caribou connects stay-at-home moms with families looking for child care. This can be a win-win, helping a stay-at-home mom work and make extra money by taking care of other children all while staying at home.

Stephanie McAlpine is a stay-at-home mom, each day, taking care of her one-year-old daughter Raven. She said it was difficult to head back to her job and finding child care – that's when she found Caribou.

"Since I can make a living wage in my own home and be comfortable, having my things and being comfortable and doing what I love with kids, it's so nice," McAlpine said. She signed up to be a care provider and now she watches another little girl named May during the week.

"Developmentally, it is huge for kids to be around other kids. Raven just being around, May over here has already been standing up more, chasing her around, trying to walk to her," McAlpine said.

The app will match you with families with similar parenting styles, and it will provide background information and provide location preferences. Once they've found their matches, families can negotiate rates.

The goal behind the app is to provide a more one-on-one type of care that can be hard to find in a daycare setting.

McAlpine says it has been a game-changer for her and her family knowing they can make extra money and provide the care other families need.

"You know you are getting a mom that knows what they are doing. We have been here day-to-day watching our own little ones. Someone that will give that love and attention," McAlpine said.

Caribou says all of its moms providing care have some sort of background experience in child care.

Learn more about the company here https://www.withcaribou.com/

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