CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Suspect tried to hide from cops at Phoenix barber shop

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The owners of a Phoenix barber shop are shocked, when a wanted gang member hid out inside their store while they sat just inches away, and they had no idea he was there.

The entire incident was captured on the store's surveillance video. Now, that suspect is behind bars.

"I felt unsafe, scared," said Yanelly Guerque. "I was asleep, and anything could have happened when that guy went in."

The video shows a man who was just released from prison trying to hide from police. He entered an office at the barbershop, where two children were asleep on the couch. Police say the man in the video, identified as Michael Farinas, was a known gang member.

"When I heard he barely got out of prison, that scared me more because he could have done anything," said Guerque.

The video shows Farinas trying to hide himself under a cloth and table, as cops search for him. Court paperwork says he started to run from a patrolling police officer, so the officer pursued him.

Laura Rodriguez was at the shop when everything happened

"Police alerted them that there was a suspect, but we had no idea he was inside with the children," said Rodriguez, in Spanish.

The video also shows Farinas telling the children and their father something.

"He was like, 'shh,'" Guerque recalled. "He was, like, 'you guys better not say [expletive].'"

That's when the Guerque family ran from the room, and alerted the police. According to officers, Farinas ignored their commands, leading to a strong takedown.

"It was taking me more time to process everything that was happening," said Guerque. "I couldn't believe it, it's never happened before. I see that my sister and my dad leave, and I'm like what am I still doing here, I need to get out now."

Police say Farinas kicked a trooper in the face as he was being put in the back of a patrol car.