Chandler non-profit to provide rides for seniors who can't get around once again

For so many seniors in the community, simply going out shopping isn't possible, but thanks to a new gift, free rides our returning for many seniors in Chandler.

For years, non-profit group Neighbors Who Care provided rides for seniors who cannot otherwise get around.

"We help homebound seniors with volunteers," said Sheryl Keene with Neighbors Who Care. "Our volunteers are matched with senior citizens who need groceries, trips to the doctors office, physical therapy, dialysis."

"It's freedom," said Marlene Fishkel with Neighbors Who Care. "It gives them a day out. Something to look forward to."

Rides stopped after the COVID-19 pandemic began because their other van broke down. At the start of 2022, however, Intel raised a matching $25,000 grant, and just a few months, a new van has arrived.

"It was very impressive. It's a lovely van," said Fishkel. "It's roomier. Bigger. It's going to hold more people."

Keene says a simple ride can transform the life of a homebound senior.

"Being able to be independent and take care of your own business yourself, which makes you feel like a human, right?" said Keene. "When folks get older and they're not always able to drive any longer or just can't get to services they need, but they want to still feel like an adult who is independent. So this allows folks the time to be together in a van, so they can see their friends every week, whenever they go to Fry's or Bashas' or Walmart, and get their own groceries without having to wait for someone to do that for them."

Neighbors Who Care