Cleanup efforts continue following massive monsoon storm

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The monsoon that struck the Valley Monday night left behind some serious damage.

Paul Palmer said he had a bad feeling driving through the storm last night...

"Last night when I was driving home from Mesa, I had this feeling," said Palmer. "I looked over and it looks pretty crazy, so this might be the one."

Palmer lives right by the Palo Verde Golf Course, and says his giant tree survived so many major storms through the years, but not this time.

"Sure enough, but usually, it's unaffected by anything. It's so big. This must have been crazy," said Palmer.

Just two miles down, another tree slammed down onto the roof of a home. One local roofing company manager said he has fielded close to 100 calls for roof repairs, and hasn't received this many calls since the July 9 storm.

"This one is also a cat storm, so it's a catastrophe storm, which means the insurance companies rate it really high, because of all the damages already caused," said Sam Eid with ProWest Restoration. "So it's an overwhelming amount of calls that were getting."

The City of Phoenix also reported a whopping 185 calls for help because of the storm, 44 of them because of downed trees. Meanwhile, Palmer says he's just thankful no one was hurt.

He can always get another tree.

"It's too bad because this is a beautiful tree, and a lot of the neighbors enjoy the shade," said Palmer. "We're going to try to put something sizable to replace it, but nothing that big again."

If you need help because of downed trees or other debris on the road, you can contact the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department.

City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department