Community holds fundraiser for Valley family who lost everything in house fire

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The Kindred's family house burned down with everything in it earlier this month. As the family of seven is trying to get back on their feet, the community is stepping up.

Potato Barn in Scottsdale holds a fundraiser featuring live music, food, and games. The Kindred family says despite losing everything, they haven't lost their community.

"It definitely gives you a positive outlook on like because when you feel like you're lost, you feel like you're hopeless, you see so many people reaching out to help you," said William Kindred. "SO many people showing concern and just being there for you whether it be mentally, physically or financially. It's a blessing and it definitely gives you a different aspect on what this is all really about.

Organizers say they hope to raise enough money to help the family replenish what's been lost.