Convicted Phoenix police officer killer trial moves into penalty phase

A jury is still deciding the fate of a valley man who was convicted of murdering a Phoenix Police officer.

The jury decided that Danny Martinez is eligible for the death penalty in the murder of Officer Travis Murphy.

Officer Murphy was shot ten times while responding to a call of shots fired. Now the jury must decide whether Martinez should die for his crimes, or spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

In court Danielle Murphy, the wife of Travis Murphy spoke to the jury for quite some time. They describe first meeting Travis on a blind date in 2004. Two years later they got married and then had two young children. It was a picture perfect family until Murphy was suddenly gunned down while on duty.

On Tuesday, she told the jury about having to raise her children without their father.

Fallen Officer Travis Murphy's widow Danielle spoke to the jury about her husband and the passion he had for the job.

"He loved his job so much, he loved caring for people in the community that couldn't care for themselves," said Danielle Murphy.

Murphy was 29 when he was gunned down in May of 2010 by 35-year-old Danny Martinez.

Danielle broke down when she described saying goodbye to her husband at the hospital.

"Not a final kiss, not a final look into his eyes, not a final moment of our hearts touching through our skin, it was the toughest thing I've ever had to see or do," said Danielle.

She told the jury Travis loved being a father to his two kids, a daughter who was just 2-years-old, and a son only 2-weeks-old when Travis died.

Describing what she calls heartbreaking moments when her young children talk about seeing their dad again.

"Another one of those moments comes to mind, it was the day Cody told me he wished he could build a rocket ship that could fly through the clouds to go see daddy in heaven, what am I supposed to say to that little boy? He longs to grasp that special bond that only a father and son can share," said Danielle.

Danielle says her faith and family have helped her get through the past five years. The jury will hear more Wednesday from more of Murphy's family as they begin deliberating the punishment for Danny Martinez.