Cooler temps continue throughout the Valley, local businesses looking forward to warmer weather

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - While most people are enjoying this unusually cool May we're having, not everyone is rejoicing. They say it's Phoenix in May - bring on the heat. Utility companies would certainly be seeing more green if it were warmer and some other companies wouldn't mind a warm-up either.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in north Phoenix just officially opened full-time for the Summer on May 19. On Wednesday, overcast highs in the 70s were a little chilly for students celebrating the end of the school year.

"I wasn't going to come because I didn't know how cold it was going to be," said Stephen. "But I decided to come anyway and it actually is pretty nice because I like water."

Stephen's mom and other parents said they were much happier with the 20-degree dip below the normal high.

"I have been here every year and I have sweat it out every year except this year," __ said. "You're happy to wear a jacket, absolutely."

"We definitely see crowds increase as the temperatures heat up," said Heather Austin with Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. "But we've had lots of family-school kids enjoying the day and we expect them to be here all week."

Sales of ice cream haven't taken off yet, thanks to cooler May temps. The owner of Sweet Republic Ice Cream says she's enjoying this, but will also embrace the 100s when they arrive.

"Yes, the line does hit the door on a nice, warm Saturday [or] Friday night," said Jan Wichayanuparp with Sweet Republic. "So [if] you come now, you can try as many samples as you like."

The upside of ice cream on a cooler day.