Couple who survived house fire share their story

It was a devastating house fire in Peoria, back in 2013 a home exploded while a woman and her boyfriend were inside.

They both were injured, but the man managed to carry his girlfriend out of the home, saving her life.

"It'll be two years in October is when the accident happened, so it's been an ordeal," said Tiara Del Rio.

The couple spoke to patients at the hospital where they both recovered, to share their amazing story and encourage others going through similar situations.

"About a year of hospitals, doctors, and all that. And a year of just trying to piece our lives back together afterwards," said Beau Zimbro.

It's been a long road to recovery for Tiara Del Rio and Beau Zimbro.

"To have someone right there, not a whole team of people, but someone personally who has been through it just to give you the words, I know it helped me out," he said.

Back in 2013 the home exploded after a gas leak happened. Beau was able to carry Tiara out of the burning home. Both of them suffered burns on their bodies and began a long recovery at Health-South Valley of the Sun Rehabilitation Hospital.

"I look at that picture and think of all the pain and a lot of work just to get to there," said Zimbro.

The couple says they have a few more years of recovery ahead of them, including surgeries and physical therapy, but they have come a long way since the fire.

"Now we can sit back and say hey I was burned, but I'm not broken," said Tiara Del Rio.

Both Tiara and Beau say they have more surgeries and physical therapy, but they're doing much better.