Court Documents: Phoenix 4th Avenue Jail firebombing suspect had dislike for law enforcement

Court documents released on Thursday are revealing more on the events surrounding the arrest of a man accused of firebombing the 4th Avenue Jail in Phoenix twice.

In a news conference held Wednesday, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone announced the arrest of Michael Anthony Arreola, in connection with two firebombing incidents that took place on August 1 at approximately 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., just outside of the jail facility.

According to court documents, Arreola confessed to both arson attempts, and stated he purposely threw bottles filled with gasoline at the jail, due to his dislike for law enforcement. According to documents, a car that matched the description of the one used in the firebombing incidents was located on the 100 block of S. 56th Street in Mesa.

A detective at the scene, according to documents, looked into the windows of the car, and saw a pair of black gloves in the front passenger seat, as well as water bottles in the front passenger seat floor board, several containers that could have held a flammable liquid, and paper material for the wick.

A male suspect, later identified as Arreola, reportedly walked by the detective, and later ran into his homes, locked the doors and turned the lights out when he noticed a uniformed deputy standing next to the detective. Arreola, according to court documents, was detained later as he walked to the SUV.