Dead cat found hanging in front yard of Phoenix home

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Drivers in a Phoenix neighborhood slowed down to a disturbing sight of a cat hanging from a tree.

It is believed that the woman who lives at the home hung the cat in front of her home to teach drivers a lesson to stop speeding.

"She said she was doing it to make people slow down," said Chrissy Knight, a neighbor.

It was a disturbing sight for anyone passing the home on North 12th St., a cat hanging by its neck in the front yard and a sign that says "slow down" underneath it.

"It seemed like the lady was having a hard time handling the death of her cat," said Knight.

It is believed that the cat was hit by a car earlier in the day. Knight says she saw the post on Facebook and went to the home to see what was going on. She says when she got there traffic was backing up as drivers were curious to see what was going on.

"That's what concerned me because everyone that drove by was stopping and if they slowed down to take a picture she came outside and accosted them verbally," said Knight.

Phoenix Police responded to the home and cut the cat down.

"She said a lot of animals were getting hit there because of the speed that people come through the neighborhood," said Knight.

The Arizona Humane Society was called to the scene and transported the body for a necropsy. They are working with detectives, but it is not yet clear whether the owner will face any charges.