Desert Classic Dog Show kicks off in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's the weekend dog lovers around the state have waited for: the biggest dog show in Arizona is here.

The Desert Classic Dog Show kicked off on Friday, and it goes through the weekend. During the dog show, almost 2,000 dogs will be strutting their stuff. Dog lovers and their dogs are at the show from all over the country, in hopes to become champions.

As for dogs, they range from tiny domesticated dogs to large hunting dogs. The Sahuaro State Kennel Club and the Lost Dutchman Kennel Club have joined forces to put on the largest dog show in Arizona.

"All of the United States, Canada, I've been told there are some people here from Japan," said organizer Lori Nelson.

As for what the dogs are judged by, it depends on their breed. They are, however, judged for perhaps the most important thing: being well-behaved.

"These dogs live in our homes. They live in our laps. They share our lives, and so, temperament is paramount," said Nelson.

While looks do matter, other things matter as well.

"If you have a dog that isn't sound of mind, it can be as pretty is as pretty does," said Nelson.

Traveling all over the country, these dog lovers do what they do because of the experience. As for what these winners get, they don't get any sort of monetary prize. Organizers say these dog owners just love showing off their dogs, and get to walk away with bragging rights.