Domestic violence shelter in Phoenix gets new renovations

Chrysalis, a Valley nonprofit and shelter that helps domestic violence victims, has reopened after undergoing some major renovations.

The Chrysalis facility provides safe housing, safety planning and case management support for families that are victims of domestic violence.

A year ago, Magical Builders and the Crain Foundation, which was founded by former Major League Baseball All-Star Jesse Crain and his wife, Becky, got involved.

"Chrysalis is a comprehensive domestic abuse organization," said Patricia Klahr, CEO of the Chrysalis House. "We offer treatment and clinical services for everybody who could be impacted by domestic violence."

Jesse Crain says the facility serves an important purpose.

"It has about five or seven families, it gives them somewhere to get back on their feet, have a safe place to live, and to bring them safety," said Crain. "They’re away from the people who you know they have trouble with."

The nonprofit unveiled its newly renovated Chrysalis Transitional Facility in Scottsdale.

Fundraising for the project took about six months, and construction started in January. The entire renovation is estimated to be worth just over $300,000.

"We renovated the entire place…the common area, the living center, the kitchen, the family area, the whole backyard," said Christy Frank with Magical Builders. "We have added new computers and a new study area for the family. A lot of the women, they’re getting themselves back on their feet as well with work, so getting them new computers is very special."

Chrysalis House was founded in the early 1990s, and donations are always welcomed.

"Especially coming off the year we’ve had, people deserve and need and want to live in a healthy and happy environment, and this is it," said Klahr.

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