Made in Arizona: Phoenix-based Original Elderberry Co. makes syrups, soaps to boost immune systems

Original Elderberry Co.

With the pandemic, many new people have been looking for new ways to fight illnesses.

"I was looking for a natural product to help boost my family's immune system," said Divya Yoder. "My two kids, they would often get sick, and I didn't want them being on antibiotics for long periods of time."

Yoder wanted to find a natural remedy for her kids.

"I couldn't find anything over the counter that had no refined sugars, preservatives, or thickening agents," Yoder said.

So she turned to elderberry, a dark purple berry that grows on Sambucus trees. It's edible, but only after being cooked.

The Cleveland Clinic says that elderberry extract has been used medicinally for centuries to fight infections, clear up complexions and boost immunity. Yoder decided to make her own.

"I did a lot of research, came up with my own recipe, which landed me my own elderberry syrup," she explained.

The syrup only uses five ingredients: elderberries, salon cinnamon, fresh ginger, whole cloves and locally produced honey.

Yoder has created an entire line of products, naming her Phoenix-based business the Original Elderberry Company back in 2019.

"Any symptoms of cold, flu, sinuses, allergies, anything at all - you can take it every 2-3 hours and it literally nips it in the bud," Yoder said.

Her elderberry syrup and soaps are made in Phoenix, and this small-batch company is branching out into the community. She says that some local doctors are using her product as well.

"One of them had a sinus infection, nothing worked until they took our product," she said.

Divya says this product has made a big impact on her family and friends. The products ship nationwide, and one can find them at local farmer's markets as well.

For those who want to spice up their favorite drink, Divya's elderberry products are being used to make martinis at Phoenix speakeasy Gin and Reel.

"They make spiced elderberry martinis with our product, it's absolutely delicious," Yoder said. "You get best of both worlds: you get a delicious martini with a little immune booster."

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