Made In Arizona: Passion for design leads Lion Craft Company to help venues renovate and rebrand

There are so many swanky, unique places to dine in the Valley and the designs for those places started with a single idea. Many of those plans were created by a Phoenix-based company.

When you choose a spot to dine, or a hotel to stay in, ambiance is usually top of mind – something comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. That's where Lion Craft Company comes in.

"We help design and fabricate bars, nightclubs, restaurants, anything for the hospitality industry," said Bo Ratliff.

Ratliff, an Arizona native, always had a passion for design. He and his business partner, Leo, share that passion. They both have backgrounds in construction and creative minds.

"Embraced it and thought, you know, this is a great opportunity, just to kind of jump off on our own," he said.

About three years ago, they created Lion Craft. A perfect name for a bold idea.

"We went through some reiterations and Leo came to me with Lion Craft and I was like, I love it.. yeah, done."

Clients come to them for help with ways to spice up their venues, renovate, and rebrand.

"They bring us in, they have a general idea, and then say just come up with something cool."

Once they find that cool idea, they get right to work at their shop in Phoenix near 24th Street and University Drive.


"We have our engraver where can engrave wood, metal, glass, mirror, stone.. so we're able to kind of put their logos or even images onto any different medium to kind of add that element, too. We have millwork in the back so anything wood related, so cabinets, tabletops."

But things didn't come together right away. Bo and Leo spent many long nights making sure clients were completely satisfied.

"Crazy hours.. there's been plenty of times when we worked 35 hours straight."

And it paid off. Today, you'll see Lion Craft's work in over 50 restaurants across the Valley, with 20 to 30 more in the works.

They're the masterminds behind the pirate ship feel at UnderTow and the new intimate vibe at Sumomaya. Ratliff says they also have clients in major cities around the country.

"When we decided to go off on our own, we contacted the previous clients we worked with in the past, saying, hey, we can do everything in the past, but better, faster, cheaper."

At the end of the day, Ratliff says he feels lucky. He gets to pursue his passion for design and help his community grow in the process.

"It's very fulfilling when you actually see the appreciation people have for your work.. when you bring people to these different locations or when you hear people talk about their experience."


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