Donald Trump: Ridin' high

Donald Trump is riding high. He is blunt, brash, unscripted, unfiltered, and a lot of Republicans like what he has to say.

The Republican Party leadership has asked him to tone it down. That's not going to happen. The other candidates seem to be afraid of him. They're afraid if they antagonize him--and someone else like Jeb Bush wins the nomination--Trump will run as an independent. If that happens he'll siphon off votes from Bush and Hillary Clinton will win the White House. That would be a disaster for Republicans.

It would be a replay of 1992, when another billionaire candidate by the name of Ross Perot ran as an independent and took votes away from George H.W. Bush, allowing Bill Clinton to win the presidency.

Another outsider helping a Clinton beat a Bush for the second time? Nightmare scenario for the GOP.

So the Republican establishment hopes Donald Trump is like a hurricane, eventually running out of energy and drifting harmlessly off to sea.

What's your take?

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