Donald Trump to give immigration speech in Phoenix

One day after the Arizona primary election, Donald Trump will be in Phoenix.

There had been a lot of confusion about whether or not Trump would be coming to the valley. His Arizona campaign office initially said the event would not happen on Wednesday, but then Trump tweeted out "Will be in Phoenix... changing venue to much larger one. Demand is unreal. Polls looking great."

Then on Sunday night, another tweet from Trump, where he said he will be making a major speech on illegal immigration.

We've learned the mother of a Mesa Police officer killed by a wrong way drunk driver who was in the country illegally will be speaking at the event.

May 12, 2014 -- the day Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was struck and killed on the freeway by a man driving under the influence and in the country illegally. Mary Ann Mendoza is his mother and a Trump supporter.

"From the moment that he announced he was running i listened to him pleasantly surprised somebody running for president would be talking about illegal immigration because it is usually not a topic that is spoken about," she said.

Mrs. Mendoza says she's noticed Trump has toned down his language recently on illegal immigration.

"I really believe he is trying to deliver the same message in a softer tone. He truly believes the criminal illegals need to be out of our country. He firmly believes there ought to be a wall at our southern border and he understands too that there are families that have been here 20-something years. If they have started immigration process, he wants to help them to move forward and become citizens and everyone needs to follow the laws."

Mrs. Mendoza doesn't believe polls that show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton.

"I believe Mr. Trump is in a good position to become the next president of the U.S. I believe the liberal media wants to make Trump supporters believe Hillary has it in the bag and there is no reason for them to go to the polls."