Do's and don'ts of summer recycling

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage each day and with summer just around the corner, Waste Management has a friendly reminder for folks on what is and is not considered recyclable.

Billy Faultner, district manager, says there are many common mistakes made especially in the summer.

"The common things we see come through all the time are garden hoses, the plastic floating devices like a raft, anything like that," he said. "Those come through, pretty much anything and everything we see it come through."

Billy says not only are these items not recyclable, but they can also clog up the processing machines.

BBQ equipment, ceramic pots, charcoal, paper plates and plastic beach toys are all on the "don't list" when it comes to recycling.

But Billy says there are plenty of common items that are recyclable.

"Any detergent bottles, aluminum cans, clean cardboard paper -- all of that is completely recyclable," he said.

Billy adds that if you need help figuring out if a product is recyclable, look on the bottom for that familiar recycle symbol.

"You can always check the bottom on a plastic, you can check the bottom and see if it has a number and the little recycle triangle and if it's got that, that's something we can process," he said.