Downtown Phoenix restaurant, rescue mission team up to help the homeless

Community is the driving force behind the partnership between the Phoenix Rescue Mission and "Match," the trendy downtown restaurant, Found Re Phoenix.

"It just speaks to one of our core values, which is community," said Vittal Calamur, general manager of Found Re Phoenix.

Together, they're bringing water awareness to the Valley and asking folks to donate bottled water in exchange for something delicious.

"To incentivize them... seven days a week," Calamur said.

In its fifth year, the mission's "Red Summer Heat Relief" campaign is hoping to collect more than one million bottles of water to be distributed to those in need during the brutal summer months.

To make things even easier, you don't even have to get out of your car.

"They can pull up to our valet, they can give it to our valet guys and they will give them a BOGO coupon, basically," Calamur said.

Calamur added that this is something they wish to continue to do with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

"We're hoping that in the future on an annual basis that we can be apart of this and really lead this," Calamur said.