Dozens of Glendale Manor residents forced out of units as complex is deemed unsafe to live in

Time is up.

Dozens of families must now get out of their Glendale apartment complex, Glendale Manor, which was deemed unsafe by the city.

Many are still unsure where they will sleep, or what the future holds.

The city says it gave the apartment complex, located near Glendale and 67th avenues, a week's notice to move people out, but says it appears the management didn’t tell some of the residents until a day before the deadline.

The entire complex is not being pushed out, but more than 60 units are said to be unsafe to occupy.

Glendale Manor

At least two people who call this place home said that was their case. Now they're left wondering where home will now be.

"Me and my husband, my significant other, we are trying to throw things in bags. We don’t know what we are going to do with our furniture," a resident named Daniele said.

Within hours, her life is changing.

She, her husband and their service dog Hector are packing up their lives.

They, among others, were ordered to leave because the living conditions weren’t safe.

"The reality is, the fixes, the repairs aren’t being done. It’s unsafe for people to live in certain conditions on this property, so we are out here today with our building officials, our code compliance division, and our fire marshals office to post certain units unsafe to occupy, because of the conditions," said Glendale deputy city manager, Rick St. John.

He says this included stairwells and landings, rendering all second and third floor units unsafe to occupy.

"We are working with the management group that is in place today, to relocate those families. They had a week. They were out here last Tuesday to relocate a certain number of families. They did not accomplish what we needed them to accomplish, so we’re out today to push a little harder to get them to do what they need to do to keep people safe," St. John said.

He says families will be accommodated.

"They’ve got contracts with hotels and they’ve got existing units here on property on the first floor that they are moving certain families too. But they are telling us that they have a safe location for everyone who is being relocated," St. John said.

For seven years, FOX 10 has reported on the conditions of this property.

Residents complained about termites, lack of air conditioning and hot water, and other unsafe conditions.

Since 2019, the city has worked alongside the property owner to bring the building into compliance. In May 2022, this property was designated as a slum property.


Residents at Glendale apartment complex without AC

Glendale Manor Apartment residents fed up over having no running air conditioning.

"We are still pursuing the details of the slum ordinance and what the city can do to put pressure on the owner, and what legal action the city will take against the owner to hold him accountable," St. John said.

A FOX 10 crew tried to get the management and owner’s side of the story, but was kicked off the property.

A phone number listed as the management company’s appeared to be busy or disconnected.

A 62-year-old resident did not want to be on camera, fearing retribution. Now, she's left with her bags packed and waiting for what's next.

"You got families here. You have a school around the corner where children are going to school, so if we do have to relocate, we are all going to be messed up for a minute," the resident said.

Where are these families going to go? The city says hotels and existing units on the property are deemed safe.

As for how long they will be away, the city says it will be a while. They are requiring the owner to hire a structural engineer to fix the stairwells, which could take months.

"My first message as a city representative is that I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to live in these conditions. I’m sorry you had to put up with so much, the city is going to do everything we can to provide a safe living environment for you and your loved ones," St. John said.