What to know about Arizona's new casitas law

A recent ASU study found Arizona is short 270,000 homes. A new law aims to solve that problem, but some are skeptical about what it means. FOX 10's Lauren Clark has this story.

AZ church volunteers work to ease homeless crisis

Volunteers from a Valley church are rolling up their sleeves to help ease the homeless crisis. They're teaming up with other organizations to build a wall, making it the first step in creating housing for the homeless. FOX 10's Irene Snyder has the story.

Dozens of Glendale Manor residents forced out of units

Dozens of families must now get out of their Glendale apartment complex, Glendale Manor, which was deemed unsafe by the city. The city is requiring the owner to hire a structural engineer to fix the stairwells, which could take months.

Average long-term US mortgage rate hovers near 7%

The average 30-year fixed loan was 7.08% this week, according to Bankrate’s latest survey of large lenders. Here’s what a monthly mortgage payment at the current rate would look like.